We understand choosing a lawyer is a daunting task.
This important decision should not be left to promotional statements on a website.

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We understand choosing a lawyer is a daunting task. This important decision should not be left to promotional statements on a website.

Bosscher Lawyers handle all state police, federal police, Australian Crime Commission and CMC matters, as well as traffic offences and criminal compensation.

Bosscher Lawyers are experts in the field of traffic matters. We offer a complete range of services in relation to DUI, restricted licences and all other traffic related matters.

The Brisbane practice, located directly opposite the main courts complex, provides representation before the Court of Appeal, the Supreme Court, the District Court and the Magistrates Court. Bosscher Lawyers also provides representation to all of the suburban and regional magistrates courts throughout Queensland.

The Ipswich, Toowoomba and Maroochydore offices specialise in providing representation to those areas. All of the staff at those offices are held in the highest esteem by members of the legal profession, and judiciary, in their local jurisdictions.

In New South Wales we cover all of the relevant courts throughout greater Sydney and we appear regularly in all of the regional jurisdictions of New South Wales.

Available 24 hours a day Bosscher Lawyers will provide simple and concise legal advice over the telephone, attend with you at police interviews, watch houses and prisons.

Our solicitors have a proven track record of obtaining outstanding results for our client’s, whether the offences are those attracting life sentences or are repeat offences or children court matters, Bosscher Lawyers has the right approach in dealing with your court matters.

From the most serious offences, where your liberty is on the line, to potentially losing your driver’s licence for traffic offences, Bosscher Lawyers will help you and be your support as you travel through the criminal justice system.

At Bosscher Lawyers we fully investigate your case to make sure that everything that can be done to protect your rights is undertaken. We understand that facing a criminal charge is the most important thing going on in your life at that time.

We will work with you to gather all the necessary evidence and witness statements to develop a legal strategy that maximises your prospects of success.

We understand that facing a criminal charge is traumatic. We will provide you with fast, practicable and detailed advice from our of our experts in terminology that you can understand.

Our clients include sporting identities, lawyers, businessmen, other professionals and other members of the public who have come into contact with the criminal law.

Experience and size count. With our broad reach to cover nearly all areas of the East Coast of Australia we can provide an exceptional quality of service.

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