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Bosscher Lawyers’ Act for Alleged Terrorist

You might recall reading about the young 18 year old man from Toowoomba, suspected of joining the fight with the Al-Nusra Front in Syria.

According to news reports, his family claim that they believe he in no shape or form is fighting in that region, or contributing to any terrorist acts.

Now, the rub of course is what is to be believed or not, and with considerably tough measures being imposed upon people who allegedly are fighting for terrorist organisations, who ultimately makes the decision about this 18 year old man and others and not only their right to return to the country, but also any punishment that may be waiting upon their return.

In this podcast, human rights and criminal lawyer, Alex Jones from Bosscher Lawyers who is representing the man in question, responds to a litany of media reports, most recently 60 minutes and talks generally about Australia’s anti-terrorism legislation.

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