Bosscher Lawyers Representing People Charged in Noosa Drug Raid

noosa drug raid

Matthew James Long and Alenxadra Chiodo appeared before the Noosa Magistrate’s court on Tuesday in relation to drug charges. criminal Defence lawyer Alex Jones of Bosscher Lawyers is representing both defendants.

Long is facing charges for allegedly importing and exporting a dangerous drug, supplying and trafficking a dangerous drug, 28 counts of fraud, possession of tainted property and stealing. More specifically, Detectives charged Mr Long with:

  • 28 counts of fraud,
  • one count of attempted drug importation,
  • one count of attempting to pervert justice,
  • one count of importing commercial quantities of drugs,
  • two counts of possessing tainted property,
  • two counts of supplying dangerous drugs,
  • one count of drug trafficking,
  • one count of stealing and
  • several other charges.

At the same time, Chiodo is accused of fraud, possession of tainted material and supplying a dangerous drug.

Along with Long and Chiodo, Marcus Les Wright and three others appeared in Noosa Magistrate’s court. The charges are connected to a 12-month Noosa CIB investigation that led police to bring to trial 25 people with a total of 103 charges.

Wright faces charges for supplying and trafficking a dangerous drug, fraud and stealing, while the others are accused of fraud and possession and trafficking of a dangerous drug.

Long and Chiodo were given bail, as were the rest of the accused.

The case was adjourned until 18 January 2022.

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