Bosscher Lawyers’ to Vigorously Defend Alleged Money Launderer

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Fast cars, luxury houses, designer brands, glamorous Instagram models and Bitcoin fortunes – it’s no wonder a case currently before the Queensland Supreme Court is in the news.

Bosscher Lawyers is acting for a third party implicated in the case, a Sunshine Coast taxi driver who the Queensland Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) believes laundered money through a Bitcoin account on behalf of the central figure in the case, Benjamin Nelson. It should be noted that our client has not been charged with any offence in the proceedings currently before the court.

The CCC allege Mr Nelson used a $10 million Bitcoin fortune to purchase a luxury four-bedroom house in Pimpama as well as lavish gifts on two women, Tori Maddison Preiss, 25, from Caloundra West, and Kaori Celine Nakase, 24, a former barmaid from New Farm (and Mr Nelson’s ex-girlfriend).

Bank statements produced in court show that Mr Nelson spent thousands of dollars in a single day at designer boutiques at Pacific Fair on the Gold Coast and that in 2019, a Lamborghini Huracan performance coupe was purchased for $637,800 from a Brisbane dealership and registered in the name of Ms Nakase.

The CCC believe the assets held by the two women were purchased with ‘tainted’, laundered money, including the proceeds of drug sales and other illegal activity. As a consequence, the CCC was attempting to seize these assets, including cash in four bank accounts in Ms Preiss’ name, a $75,000 black Audi A5 Cabriolet driven by her, as well as other bank and Bitcoin accounts.

In the Supreme Court Justice Frances Williams has ordered Nelson to list within two months all of his assets worth $5000 owned both now and in the past six years. He also faces a charge of attempting to possess a drug. Ms Nakase was given 21 days to list her assets worth $5000 or more. Ms Preiss has not been charged with any crime.

Bosscher Lawyers is vigorously defending our client against the allegations made by the CCC.

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