Confusion Re License Suspensions and DQs

Confusion Re License Suspensions and DQs

Bosscher Lawyers recently represented a client in the Rockhampton Magistrates Court, charged with driving whilst suspended, having driven after being served a notice of suspension by police.

Our client was facing a mandatory 2 years disqualification to his license if found guilty.

The matter was challenged on the basis that the suspension notice was erroneous at law and ought to be rendered void. Further, Bosscher Lawyers identified an error in the laying of the charges by police.

Having considered our argument, the prosecution withdrew the charge and subsequently, our client was discharged from the offense. He, therefore, avoided any license disqualification.

Traffic laws are complicated and confusing, particularly those around suspensions and disqualifications. To avoid confusion and to ensure you are not suspended unnecessarily or excessively, call Brisbane Drink Driving Lawyers.