The Going to Court Checklist

1.  Receive summons/notice to appear/granted watch-house bail

2. Confirm exactly which courthouse you are to appear before

Double check your paperwork or alternatively ring the appropriate courthouse registry

Note there are two separate magistrates court buildings in Brisbane City

Different courts begin at different times – ensure you make a note of when you are to appear and arrive on time.

3. Court Etiquette

Arrive neat and punctual. Avoid wearing hats, singlets, thongs or sunglasses as it is seen as disrespectful to the court

Turn you mobile phone OFF before you walk into court

See the prosecutor before court opens to inform them you are in court

Always address the magistrate as “Your Honour”

If you need an adjournment for legal advice or any other reason you can seek an adjournment (note that multiple adjournment may not be granted)

4. Criminal Jurisdictions

Whilst all criminal matters begin in the Magistrates Court, not all matters can be finalised within the same court

Depending on the seriousness of your charge(s) your matter may have to be transferred to a higher court, whether that be the District Court or the Supreme Court

This process cannot be done on your first appearance

The court process is often an intimidating and stressful experience for many people. Should you find yourself confronted with the court process you should contact a Brisbane criminal lawyer at Bosscher Lawyers, the Specialists in Criminal Defence.