Morcombe Committal Hearing continues

The Committal Hearing into the abduction and murder of Daniel Morcombe continued in the Brisbane Magistrates Court yesterday where eight police officers gave evidence. Six of those were in a closed court room.

Of the evidence given, an undercover police officer told the Court that in a recorded conversation taken on the 9 August 2011, the accused Brett Cowan described how he offered Daniel a lift on 7 December 2003 and how he took him to a house on a remote road in Beerwah. The Court heard that Cowen told the undercover police officer that he had tried to molest Daniel, but Daniel struggled and tried to get away. It is alleged in the recording that Cowan claims to have panicked and grabbed Daniel around the throat and killed him.

Sandra Drummond, an alibi witness for Brett Cowan told the Court that she was friends with the accused, however could not recall where she was on 7 December 2003. Ms Drummond gave five statements to police officers between September 2006 and August 2011 in an attempt to establish her whereabouts.

Ms Drummond claims to have told police that her grandson’s birthday was the 8 December and she recalled a party taking place at McDonalds; however she could not remember which weekend the party occurred on. She further claimed to regularly attend upon the Nambour RSL on Sundays.

Mr Meehan, defence attorney for Cowan told the Court that three statements explored whether Ms Drummond did not see Cowan on 7 December 2003 and they were, whether she attended her grandson’s birthday party and therefore whether she would have been at home to see the accused on that day, and whether she was at the RSL club and whether her membership card had been used at the RSL.