Day Three in Morcombe Matter

Day three of the Daniel Morcombe committal hearing continued in Brisbane today, whereby Defence counsel Michael Bosscher continued to cross examine forensic podiatrist, Dr Paul Bennett.

Dr Bennett had been asked to determine whether the sneakers found at the search site on August 17 and 20 last year belonged to Daniel Morcombe.

In doing so, he said he examined the rotation marks and wear patterns on the shoes and compared them to other shoes that belonged to Daniel Morcombe.

In cross examination Mr Bosscher zoned in of the fact that there was no database in Australia to which Dr Bennett could compare the likelihood of the same rotation marks and wear patterns appearing within the general population. Mr Bosscher pointed out that given this, Dr Bennett could not identify if the marks were in fact unique or even what percentage of the population had those same rotation and wear patterns.

Court has adjourned to Thursday 9am.

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