Deaf Man Released on Bail after Attempted Rape

A 42-year old deaf man from Nundah was released after an attempted rape case was filed against him on the Brisbane Magistrates Court.

The crime happened on a Wednesday night. The victim, who refused to be named, was on her way to home from work. It was 7:50 pm and as she was walking, she was stopped by the deaf man, also unnamed under the Queensland law, at the corner of Breakfast Creek Road and Montpelier Road at Bowen Hills. Since the incident took place in area where it can be easily seen, a couple happened to pass by and went to the aid of the woman being assaulted.

The accused was taken into custody and was charged with one count of assault with intent to rape.

The defense lawyer stated that it was pretty difficult to take instructions from his client because he was “profoundly deaf” but he was not mentally impaired.

The 42-year-old deaf man was released on bail and will be staying with his relatives “as he has previously done,” according to the lawyer. The man is required to reappear in court next month.

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