Ex-Bikie Knocked Unconscious During Brawl

Paul Van Tongeren yesterday pleaded guilty to being involved in a fight at the Royal Hotel in Ruthven Street, Toowoomba.

Mr Tongeren’s lawyer, Nathan Bochier of Bosscher Lawyers, explained to the court that the initial fight had started due to a number of lewd comments being made about a woman that Mr Tongeren was associated with. In the ensuing brawl, Mr Tongeren was knocked unconscious, and later was helped into a vehicle in a semi-unconscious state.

Magistrate Bruce Shemioneck took into account the 13 days Mr Tongeren spent in jail awaiting bail from the Supreme Court when he issued Mr Tongeren a fine of $500 and banned him from the Royal for a period of 12 months.

At the time of the offence Mr Tongeren was a member of the Bandidos and the primary carer for his 10 year old son. Due to his association with the Bandidos, Mr Tongeren was required to apply to the Supreme Court for bail, which he successfully obtained on the 18th of November, 13 days after his arrest on the 5th of November.