G20 Police outside Queensland to Be Exempted from Local Investigations

G20 Police outside Queensland to Be Exempted from Local Investigations

Trying to resolve complaints against 1,500 police outside Queensland for the G20 is next to impossible

While there will a number of New Zealand and Interstate police sent to boost the G20 security in Brisbane, there is concern that because they will be operating outside their own jurisdiction, they may have immunity from investigations that may arise from any alleged  abuse of power or misconduct that any member of the Queensland public may wish to assert.

According to the lawyers – referring to this issue, these officers are entitled to legal immunity from any disciplinary actions over any participation in rough policing. The police officers will wear the G20 police caps while keeping their own uniforms and be sworn in temporarily as Queensland police.

The Independent Police Conduct Authority (IPCA) spokeswoman in NZ said that they would retain their jurisdiction over any NZ police officers that are in question with regards to their conduct during the G20. So in this case, any members of the public can lodge a complaint to IPCA for any alleged misconducts by any NZ officer.

According to Michael Bosscher, who is a prominent Queensland criminal defence lawyer and is known to practice in 4 states and territories, the opportunity of resolving any complaint against the outside police is “close to impossible”.

From a legal standpoint, this raises several concerns to the public with regards to the wide-ranging powers given to police under the G20 security act.

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