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Over the last 4 years, Bosscher Lawyers have utilised their unique relationship with other organisations to assist drug offenders obtain the best possible results when sentenced by Queensland Courts.

When sentencing offenders, courts must take into account various factors. Importantly, courts look to the efforts an offender has made to address the issues at the heart of their offending behaviour. Courts look favourably upon offenders who have taken a proactive approach to addressing the issues that contributed to their offending, whether it be drug or alcohol addiction, mental illness or another concerns.

Bosscher Lawyers’ unique relationship with a well-known not for profit organisation enables us to provide clients with access to a ‘rehabilitation co-ordinator.’ Co-ordinators use their wealth of experience and knowledge to refer clients to a range of targeted support services. Through a personalised rehabilitation plan, clients are able to identify and begin to address issues specific to their offending. This targeted support not only assists clients in their personal development but also provides courts with definitive evidence of their rehabilitative efforts.

Bosscher Lawyers have represented many clients with a background of illicit substance abuse or other personal issues for sentencing before the District and Supreme Courts. The assistance provided by our ‘rehabilitation co-ordinators’ has proved to be a significant factor in these clients either avoiding prison time altogether or reducing the usual sentence. Our results speak for themselves.

It has often been commented upon by Judges the significant and impressive nature of our clients rehabilitative efforts, particularly those undertaken with the support of our rehabilitation strategy.

Should you or a loved one find themselves charged with a criminal offence and have an underlying personal issue to address, you should contact a member of Brisbane Criminal Lawyers at Bosscher Lawyers to not only provide you with the best legal representation available but also access to the support required to address your personal circumstances.

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