Jade Lacey Sentenced to No Additional Jail Time

The Brisbane Magistrates Court has chosen not to extend the custodial sentence of Mr Jade Lacey, who faced four charges including discharging a weapon in a public place, and dangerous conduct with a weapon.

Mr Ashkan Tai from Bosscher Lawyers represented Mr Lacey and made a successful application against extending the jail time of Mr Lacey, whose full time release date will see him released from jail in 2022.

Magistrate Christine Roney ruled that Mr Lacey will serve his latest 12 month sentence concurrently with his current 13 year sentence.

Mr Lacey also maintains his original parole release date, after Mr Tai stated that it would be ‘cruel and unjust’ to extend the date. Magistrate Roney saw ‘no proper basis’ in which to extend the parole release date of Mr Lacey under the circumstances.