Judge Atkinson Acknowledges Bosscher Lawyers in Cowan Case

The hallmark of our criminal justice system is that a person charged with a criminal offence is innocent until proven guilty and that all steps need to be undertaken to ensure that the accused is given a fair trial.

In the wake of Brett Cowan’s sentencing, Justice Atkinson specifically acknowledged the work of his defence team, Bosscher Lawyers.

“To the defence team: this is a very difficult job, defending someone who the community has the right to hate and has the right to regard his offences as the gravest and most horrible offences that can be committed, so it takes, you know, a lot of courage and perseverance to appear for such a man and you had all done it extremely well”

“As I’ve said – and can I repeat – I’ve thanked a lot of people, but can I particularly thank counsel, all counsel and the solicitors instructing them for their conduct of this trial, which has, in my view, been exemplary”