Luke Saggus Granted Bail

Former Bandidos member Luke Saggus will spend Christmas with his family, rather than behind bars after a Supreme Court hearing on Wednesday granted him bail. Mr Saggus, represented by Mr Tim Meehan of Bosscher Lawyers, has been charged over his alleged participation in a riot on the 27th of September this year, and was originally denied bail in the Brisbane Magistrates Court. Mr Saggus was a former Secretary-Treasurer of the Bandidos, however he resigned his membership 8 hours after the organisation was declared an illegal criminal organisation.

Prosecutor Sal Vasta opposed the application on Wednesday, claiming that Mr Saggus was a real risk of fleeing the jurisdiction. Justice Daubney responded stating that with a sufficiently large surety, and onerous bail conditions, the chances of Mr Saggus posing a flight risk could be rectified. After consultations with the family of Mr Saggus, Mr Meehan was able to inform that court that a surety of $100,000 could be offered. Mr Meehan also informed the court that Mr Saggus was prepared to obey other bail conditions, such as daily reporting and a curfew.

Justice Daubney was satisfied that Mr Saggus had shown sufficient cause, and granted him bail. Mr Saggus will return to the Brisbane Magistrates Court in January.

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