Man Acquitted After Pub Brawl

man acquitted after pub brawl

It didn’t take the Toowoomba District Court jury for its deliberation to acquit a man that has caused grievous bodily harm towards a colleague at work by punching him during their Christmas party.

The person who has been charged with causing grievous bodily harm was Carrie Howard Tane, age 38 and the victim was Angus Rogie. The incident took place during their Christmas party at the Royal Hotel in Toowoomba in the evening of December 18, 2012.

What actually happened was, Tane punched Rogie twice and the latter fell to the floor at the pub’s smoking are and sustained a fractured jaw during the brawl.

The Crown hotel however, could not tell which punch had caused the injury, which could have been sustained when Rogie fell on the stool before he landed to the floor. Tane got accused of causing the injury.

The accused pleaded not guilty and was accepted during the trial and Rogie’s injury amounted to grievous bodily harm in the court of law.

The main question addressed to the jury now was, had the actions of the accused in striking the victim been unlawful?

This question has been thoroughly deliberated judging from the evidence gathered from a number of witnesses at the trial. Bottom line is that Rogie was drunk and annoying throughout the night. He had taunted Tane who is bigger in size and coaxed him for a fight before the incident and also passed a racial comment to the accused. These evidences where all heard by the court.