Man Sentenced After Using Mother To Smuggle Drugs

Jerry Jack Siaosi yesterday pleaded guilty to supplying drugs to a correctional centre. Mr Siaosi recruited his mother to bring into the centre 51 tablets of drugs, his mother was sentenced to a 12 month suspended sentence last year for bringing them to him.

Mr Siaosi had his life derailed by drugs, having spent more of his adult life behind bars because of them. He had completed grade 12 and obtained an OP of 7 before he started taking heroin.

Mr Siaosi was sentenced to an 18 month custodial sentence, with an immediate parole release date after he spend 40 days in custody awaiting these charges to be dealt with. Mr Yassar Khan of Bosscher Lawyers argued for a lenient and suspended sentence due to time already served, and because Mr Siaosi was currently in employed in a stable job.

What Do The Next Step?

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