No Conviction Recorded

Tanya Szogi allegedly ran up a gutter in front of a police patrol, after twice crashing her car.

“I’m drunk, I’m guilty”, the 42-year-old told officers.

Szogi pleaded guilty to driving while under the influence of liquor, driving without due care and attention, failing to comply with the duties of a driver in an accident, driving on a learner’s permit without a licensed person beside her and driving without displaying her L plates.

Nathan Bouchier, from Bosscher Lawyers told the court the incident was very much out of character for his client.

His client had been arguing with her then partner and had decided to drive away from the situation, he said.

She had since moved away from Toowoomba and her former partner, Mr Bouchier said.

Taking into account she had been unable to drive for the past five months, Magistrate Damian Carroll fined Szogi $1500, disqualified her from driving for nine months and ordered the conviction not to be recorded.

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