Oliver Bridgeman – Arrest Warrant


Bosscher Lawyers Brisbane
3 March 2016

We are aware that the Australian Federal Police have confirmed a warrant has been issued for the arrest of Queensland teenager Oliver Bridgeman.

We are aware the warrant relates to foreign incursion legislation. We understand the allegation involves Mr Bridgeman’s intentions when he entered Syria 12 months ago.

Mr Bridgeman has spent his time in Syria handing out food and clothing to refugees on behalf of a charity organisation.

Despite presumably having all relevant evidence for 12 months, the AFP has chosen to only now issue a warrant – a matter of days after the filing of an appeal to have Mr Bridgeman’s passport returned, so he could come home.
The AFP has at all times asserted to us that they wished only for Mr Bridgeman to return to Australia.

Not only has the government cancelled his passport at a time when his return was imminent, they have now issued an arrest warrant as we attempted to appeal that decision.

It seems the government is doing everything possible to ensure Mr Bridgeman remains stranded in Syria.

Without government intervention, it is highly likely he would already be home. Mr Bridgeman had already indicated a willingness to cooperate with authorities.

In our opinion, this is a political stunt. This decision does absolutely nothing to assist him coming home. It does the opposite.

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