Parole For Man Guilty Of Binding Girlfriend With Electrical Wire

Craig William Relf, who pleaded guilty to deprivation of liberty, unlawful use of a motor vehicle, bringing stolen goods into Queensland, and common assault has been granted parole.

Mr Relf had stolen a Ford XR6 from a service station in NSW and proceeded to drive to Queensland, stopping to pick up his girlfriend on the way. Mr Relf later stopped at a house in Queensland and filled pillowcases with jewellery and other goods. Mr Relf’s girlfriend attempted to get away whilst they were stopped at the house, but was forced back into the vehicle. The pair later arrived at a unit in Buderim where Mr Relf’s brother lived. Whilst at the unit, Mr Relf became suspicious of his girlfriend, believing her to have taken some jewellery from the pillowcases. Mr Relf then bound her with electrical cord and stuffed her mouth with socks. Mr Relf insisted to the court that there was never any intention of hurting his girlfriend.

Mr Relf, represented by Anna Smith of Bosscher Lawyers, was schizophrenic and had not been taking his medication when the offence was committed on October 25, 2012. Mr Relf was sentenced to 30 months jail, with parole after serving a third (10 months) of his sentence. Mr Relf had been in custody since he was charged with the offence nearly 11 months ago, and was therefore granted parole immediately.

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