Proposed Changes to the Youth Justice Act

In a recent media statement by the acting Attorney-General and Minister for Justice, The Honourable David Crisafulli, the Queensland Government has proposed new reforms for the Youth Justice Act.

In the media statement, Mr Crisafulli suggests that the government plans to reduce juvenile crime rates across Queensland by making it clear to juvenile offenders that ‘crime without consequences won’t be tolerated in our suburbs”.

The reforms will be voted on when parliament sits on the 11th of February. Significant changes to the Youth Justice Act include:

  • The removal of detention as a last resort when dealing with juvenile offenders.
  • The creation of a new offence, breach of bail. A juvenile will be charged with this offence if they commit a crime whilst on bail.
  • The release of a recidivist juvenile offender’s name to the public (the naming and shaming of an offender).
  • All juvenile criminal histories of a defendant will become available to a magistrate or judge when sentencing in adult courts.
  • Juvenile offenders will be transferred to adult correctional centres when they reach 17 years of age if they have six months or more of their sentence remaining.

You can read the media statement here.