State Government Exposes Itself to Multiple Lawsuits

In a statement made yesterday to media, Mr Bosscher announced that ”There will be challenges up hill and down dale to these laws now that people are beginning to be charged with offences under this new piece of legislation’.

The news comes as the first two men in Queensland are charged under the new provisions. Mr Peter Johnson and Mr Mark Fitness will face charges alleging their involvement in entering a prescribed place whilst being a participant in a criminal organisation.

Some members of the Bandidos in Brisbane have already handed their colours over to Bosscher Lawyers,  and have signed documents stating that they have quit the gang.

Mr Bosscher expects more motorcycle gangs to call it quits as the week progresses, adding that ‘I would expect a number of chapters are going to follow suit and either disband or have a large number of members, given these extraordinary circumstances, resign from the club’.

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