Cowan Lodges Appeal

Brett Peter Cowan has lodged an appeal against his murder conviction.

Last Wednesday afternoon, Tim Meehan of Bosscher Lawyers filed the notice of appeal in Brisbane.

The notice lists six grounds of appeal, including the admission of the recordings of Cowan’s confessions, instructions to the jury in regards to two defence witnesses, and the two mistrial applications made during the trial.

Cowan was sentenced in March to life imprisonment with a non-parole period of 20 years. The Queensland Court of Appeal will now determine Mr Cowan’s fate in due course.

Cowan to Serve Minimum of 20 Years

Justice Atkinson has sentenced Brett Peter Cowan to life imprisonment with a minimum non parole period of 20 years for the murder of Daniel Morcombe.

Justice Atkinson further sentenced Mr Cowan to three-and-a-half years for indecently dealing with Daniel, and two years for interfering with his remains. These sentences are to be served concurrently with the sentence for murder.

Cowan Found Guilty

Brett Peter Cowan was yesterday found guilty of the murder of Daniel Morcombe. Mr Cowan was also found guilty of indecently dealing with Daniel and interfering with his corpse.

The six men and six women of the jury took seven-and-a-half hours to return their unanimous verdict, which was announced shortly after 1 pm on Thursday.

Justice Atkinson thanked the jury for their careful attention throughout the trial, describing them as a ‘truly magnificent jury’ prior to excusing them.

The four-and-a-half week trial involved 116 witnesses, including police officers, experts and SES personnel.

The court yesterday heard submissions from the prosecution and defence as to sentencing, as well as victim impact statements from the Morcombe family.

Justice Atkinson is scheduled to sentence Mr Cowan today.

Trial Date Set for Man Accused of Morcombe Murder

A Pre-trial hearing has been set down for the 5th of November with a trial date for the 10th of February for Brett Peter Cowan, who is represented by Barrister Angus Edwards and Michael Bosscher of Bosscher Lawyers.

Mr Cowan and his criminal defence team has expressed concerns over the media coverage leading up to the trail and the availability of a fair trial, concerns that were echoed by Justice Atkinson.

Justice Atkinson said that the content of newspaper articles is the least concerning element of media coverage, and that great concern existed over the use of social media and its potential effects on a fair trial.

Justice Atkinson also told the media today that two special rooms will be set up with live streaming of the trial to cater for the greater than normal public and media interest that surrounds the case.

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Alleged Admissions by Morcombe Accused

Brett Peter Cowan, the man charged with the murder of Daniel Morcombe allegedly admitted to Queensland Police that it only took seconds to lure Daniel Morcombe from where he was waiting for a bus on the Sunshine Coast before driving him to an abandoned building and choking him to death, a Brisbane court has heard today.

“We’re not surprised by what happened today, we knew it was coming,” Brisbane Criminal Defence Lawyer Michael Bosscher said. “Brett will fight this to the bitter end. He claims he is not guilty of the offences of which he has been charged.”

The committal hearing continues.

Day One in Morcombe Matter

The committal hearing for the man accused of abducting and murdering Queensland teenager Daniel Morcombe almost 9 years ago has begun in Brisbane today. Brett Peter Cowan appeared before the Brisbane Magistrates Court charged with the 13 year old’s murder and five of other charges, including indecent treatment of a child.

The Court heard today that Brett Peter Cowan allegedly abducted Daniel Morcombe, taking him south to the Glasshouse Mountains. It is alleged that it is here that he unlawfully and indecently dealt with him, and then murdered him. Brett Cowan is also further charged with interfering with human remains on Christmas Day, nearly three weeks after the alleged crime took place.

It was also further revealed today that a dive squad found a pair of underpants, a belt, surf shorts and other fabric at the bottom of a creek on the search site. Police Inspector Arthur Van Panhuis, told the court the clothing was found in a different area to the earlier bone fragments that were located at the site.

Michael Bosscher, Brett Cowans lawyer told the court today that it didn’t seem any of the remains were near the site the police had indicated. He said “the remains seem to be following the progression north, going away from the primary search site. It’s another item that moves away from an explanation that the bones could have been removed naturally from that site.”

The committal hearing is expected to run for two weeks before Christmas and begin again next year.