DNA Does Not Prove Guilt

The 18-year-old man who is accused of the rape and murder of Joan Ryther was denied bail during a hearing in the Supreme Court in Brisbane on Wednesday.

During the bail application, the prosecution weighed heavily on DNA of the accused, allegedly found on Ms Ryther’s shirt and trousers.

Tim Meehan, of Bosscher Lawyers, for the accused, told the court the DNA evidence did not prove guilt, nor the “specific nature” of the contact. “It is not a strong crown case,” he told the court.

Teen Will Defend Rape & Murder Charges

The 18-year-old man charged with the rape and murder of pregnant Logan woman Joan Ryther will “vigorously defend the charges“, Michael Bosscher of Boscher Lawyers told media today.

“He has given us instructions that he intends to vigorously defend these charges,” Mr Bosscher said.

“He’s obviously very anxious about being in custody, very anxious about his circumstances and of course anxious about his future.

“…He’s only a young fella and life’s taken a big turn for him last night, but he’s adamant that he’s not participated in any way in this offence and he’s instructed us to vigorously defend the charges.”

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