Alison Campbell

Alison Campbell is the Legal Practitioner Director of Bosscher Lawyers and has worked in the criminal law field since 1994.


Alison Campbell - Legal Practitioner Director of Bosscher Lawyers Brisbane

Alison is the epitome of an ethical practitioner. She regards her duty to the courts and to the administration of justice as paramount. No longer ‘on the tools’, Alison is the machine behind the firm – ensuring the smooth running of the practice at the highest of standards.

Alison has degrees in Law and Business and is the guiding force behind the practices’ duty to maintain our solicitors code of conduct.

A leading Brisbane criminal lawyers expert in management and systems maintenance, with over 25 years of experience in the law, Alison has a deep understanding of Human Resources – how to analyse and guide the team and meet all managerial expectations. She understands how to maintain a culturally diverse and successful practice. The importance of confidentiality and privacy are never underestimated, and she continually educates herself to gain new practices to manage the solicitors work-related stress whilst developing personal resilience.

Alison is a leader who controls, manages and monitors so that clients can be sure they are receiving the absolute best service from the State’s best practitioners.