Michael Bosscher

Michael Bosscher is recognised both nationally and internationally as one of Australia’s most experienced criminal lawyers. Michael’s expertise is such that he has been directly involved in many of Australia’s most serious criminal law matters.


Michael Bosscher - Criminal Lawyers Brisbane

Michael has spent over a quarter of a century practising exclusively in criminal law. He is one of Australia’s most experienced criminal law practitioners.

Michael is one of the driving forces of the firm and combined with his legal work, he is regularly sought after to contribute to industry events, continuing legal education courses and tertiary institutions.

Michael has a national practice appearing in all States and Territories and in all Courts and Tribunals. He also appears internationally including in New Zealand and the United States.

Michael’s vast experience is available as a resource to all members of the Brisbane criminal lawyers team at Bosscher Lawyers who are able to call upon his wealth of knowledge and vast tactical expertise.

Michael has appeared in some of Australia’s most famous criminal law cases over the past 25 years and is also a published author on criminal law topics.

His reputation for his knowledge and experience in the field is nationally recognised and he provides advice not only directly to clients but also to educational institutions, sporting bodies and law reform stakeholders.

Michael is a passionate criminal law advocate whose skills and experience ensure that every possible advantage available to a client is maximised.