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Traffic Offences Relating to Licences

It is a serious offence to drive without holding a licence or driving when you have been disqualified from obtaining a driver’s licence. Other offences related to drivers’ licence include:

Failure to change name & address

you are liable to a fine if you fail to notify Queensland Transport of any changes to your name or address in the licence within 28 days. The fine is usually minimal ($100-$200) but can go up to $1,500.

Failure to obtain a replacement licence

you are liable to a fine if you fail to notify Queensland Transport that you lost your driver’s licence or if it was stolen or destroyed. If the licence has been replaced and the original is later found, you must return it to Queensland Transport. Failing to do either can result in a maximum fine of $1,500.

Defacing or destroying a licence

if you willfully deface or destroy your Queensland driver’s licence, you are liable to a penalty of up to $1,500.

Accumulating demerit points

A certain number of points are allocated to holders of driver’s licences in Queensland. If you lose the points due to the commission of traffic offences, you can lose your licence. The demerit points vary on different licences.

Provisional licences

your licence will be cancelled if you accumulate 4 or more demerit points in one (1) year. This means you are disqualified from holding a driver’s licence in Queensland for three (3) months after you return the licence physically to Queensland Transport. If you have a previous provisional licence that was cancelled for the same reason, you will be disqualified for six (6) months.

Open licences

if you hold an open licence and accumulate 12 or more points in three (3) years, Queensland Transport will write to you and require you to choose between having your licence suspended for three (3) months or having your licence cancelled and issuing a provisional licence in its place with only two (2) demerit points allocated to it.

2-Point provisional licences

you mustn’t accumulate two or more demerit points in a continuous one-year period if you are issued with a 2-point provisional licence. If you do, your licence will be cancelled and will be disqualified from holding a driver’s licence for six (6) months after you turn over your licence to Queensland Transport.

Unlicensed driving

you may be issued an offence if you drive a vehicle on a road unless you hold a driver’s licence authorising you to drive the vehicle. The penalty for this offence can go up to $3,000 or imprisonment up to six (6) months.

Disqualified driving

you are committing an offence if you drive whilst disqualified from holding or obtaining a driver’s licence, and this attracts a penalty of up to $2,550 or 18-month imprisonment. This offence is more serious than unlicensed driving, as disqualified driving involves contempt for a prior court order.

Careless driving

You stand guilty of a careless driving offence if you are driving a vehicle without due care and attention or without consideration for other people on the road. The penalty for this offence can go up to $3,000 or six-month imprisonment.

Racing in Speed Trials on Roads

You may be charged with an offence if you are caught organising, promoting, or taking part in “drag races” on public roads, or any of the following:

  • racing between vehicles or animals while driving
  • attempting to establish or break any vehicle or animal speed record
  • testing the speed of a vehicle or animal

Dangerous operation of a motor vehicle

If you operate a vehicle dangerously in a public or private place or if you interfere with the operation of a vehicle dangerously, you are liable to a fine of up to $15,000 or three years imprisonment. For more info, refer to the Dangerous Driving Information Outline.

Drink driving

Drink driving laws in Queensland are quite complicated. Refer to the Drink Driving Information Outline for a more detailed explanation.

There are other traffic offences, like speeding, in Queensland. Several of them are known as ticketable offences. This means you can be charged by a police officer simply issuing a ticket or an infringement notice on the spot. To discuss other traffic offences in Queensland, feel free to contact us or request an appointment.

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