Trial Date Set for Man Accused of Morcombe Murder

A Pre-trial hearing has been set down for the 5th of November with a trial date for the 10th of February for Brett Peter Cowan, who is represented by Barrister Angus Edwards and Michael Bosscher of Bosscher Lawyers.

Mr Cowan and his criminal defence team has expressed concerns over the media coverage leading up to the trail and the availability of a fair trial, concerns that were echoed by Justice Atkinson.

Justice Atkinson said that the content of newspaper articles is the least concerning element of media coverage, and that great concern existed over the use of social media and its potential effects on a fair trial.

Justice Atkinson also told the media today that two special rooms will be set up with live streaming of the trial to cater for the greater than normal public and media interest that surrounds the case.

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