Trio Jailed over $20 million Heroin Bust

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Three men who allegedly planned to earn easy cash by helping to smuggle millions of dollars worth of heroin into Australia in decorative wooden altars are facing lengthy jail terms.

Supreme Court Justice Ann Lyons said while there was no evidence the trio had planned to take more than “fleeting possession” of the drugs, a strong message of deterrence was needed.

“I accept that you would have all played this role for reward, knowing that you were facilitating the distribution of illegal drugs,” she told the men.

Criminal Lawyers Brisbane at Bosscher Lawyers’ Alex Jones represented two of the trio.

Lam Hoang Tran, 32, and Tam Minh Dang, 50 were sentenced to ten years’ jail and Duy Hoa Pham, 35, to 12 years’ jail.